X-Mas Special

It is time to bake. Not cake or cookies, but the perfect design for you and your community. Please send us your “recipe” before the 15th of October 2021 and let us get ready for the Christmas season together. With your help we can bake the perfect design for your favorite streamer and your favorite community.  Our backpack Skin is customizable and can be exchanged.

With a little bit of luck your design will be selected by your favorite content creator and we will send you your Design and a ORITY GO backpack before Christmas. For all others, pre-order starts 19th of October.


One of the following ingredients is a must:

- m3llytheone

- Fragstube


Bina Bianca

- JakeeY 


- znowl

- SmashLunatic

- BloodyNyuu 

Step 1: Download the recipe here as .psd or .ai & add your creativity. 

Step 2: Upload your final here as .jpg & as .psd or .ai file. The designs will be collected by us and distributed to the participating streamer in time. Important: Please name your file with your email address so we can link the design too you & contact you if we have any questions.

Step 3: The content creator will select a winning recipe. This can be preordered here starting the 19th of October and will be delivered before Christmas. 20% of the revenue will be donated to a good cause.

Step 4: The winning design will receive his or her creation incl. a ORITY GO backpack from us as a gift. Shipping inside EU only.


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us: info@ority.gg


Deadline is the 15.10.2021

More about the ORITY backpacks

The ORITY fabrics are made of recycled PET-bottles. Approximately 49 0,5L PET-bottles are recycled to produce a ORITY GO backpack.

The Community Edition Spezial SKIN will be manufactured in Germany with the help of a local printing company and a sheltered workshop. 

More details on the ORITY Sustainability Concept.

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