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Recycled esports backpacks that adapt to your needs - on the inside and outside! Choose between the ORITY ONE and ORITY GO. With inlays or as single backpack.

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Find the right backpack for you

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Choose the backpack that suits you

You have the choice! Find the backpack that fits your needs best. Is it the 25liter ORITY GO for everyday? Or the 35 liter ORITY ONE that can handle even the biggest gaming laptops and equipment. We made two backpacks that differ in size but still fit the same modular inlays and skins.

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SKINS for different Styles

You design your backpack - everyday. Change the SKIN of every ORITY backpack within seconds. Carry your favorite design, team or player. The ORITY SKINS fit all our backpacks and can be exchanged within seconds. Strong magnets keep it in place and cover a hidden organizer unterneath. So you can reach your stuff easily.

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Choose the accessory you like

Customize the inside of your backpack the way you need it whenever you need it. Choose a ready to go ORITY SET with modular inlays to protect your gear. Or simply get a SINGLE edition without inlays and the option to buy them later. All inlays are fixed with a strong hook-and-loop system. You sort them the way you need it and remove them if you prefer more empty space in your backpack.


The ultimate esports backpack

Carrying Esports

Protected transport of all your esports gear and more, with quick access compartments in a durable carry-on sized backpack.

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An innovative backpack that gives you all the opportunity to make it your own without being complicated.

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Materials and fabrics made from recycled PET bottles ensure a long lasting and high quality product experience.

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esports is our dedication

Following the core values of esports dedication, ambition and competitiveness ORITY offers unique products that matter to esports enthusiasts.

Our goal is to give esports fans and players all over the world the opportunity to identify with one of the biggest digital phenomena of the 21st century by showing and sharing their passion for what they and we love: esports.

Made for athletes

Best protection for your gear

Smart compartments

ority esport rucksack - change color

Design it!

One backpack, multiple styles. Thanks to the exchangeable ORITY SKIN you can design the backpack the way you love it.

✔ Quick and easy customization

✔ Unique styles

✔ Magnet Fixing System (MFS)

ority one - modular inlays included

Modify it!

Attach and remove padded compartments to the way you need them, with an uncomplicated hook-and-loop system to protect your equipment.

✔ Keyboard & mousepad sleeve

✔ Headset & mouse case

✔ 17.3" laptop compartment

Selected material

We selected carefully so you don't have to be too careful. Strong and durable materials allow a distinctive longevity and quality that lasts. Top-shelf zippers, buckles and ionized neodymium magnets will give you a unique product experience. An ergonomic carry-system with breathable air-mesh and resistant foam inspired by modern trekking backpacks allows for the ultimate carry.

Recycled fabrics

Our fabrics are made out of 100% recycled post-consumer waste PET bottles. A waterbased C0 coating make our product especially eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Compared to conventional production methods our fabrics cause 20% less water waste, 50% less energy consumption, 60% less pollution emission and used plastic bottles find a new purpose.

Social responsability

All our bags are handmade in Vietnam. We have carefully selected our suppliers and manufacturing sites to ensure high quality and conscious production. Regular visits at the sites give us a high level of transparency. 

We choose fair & consciously so you can carry with serenity.


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